Thursday, September 30, 2004

Don't Sink the Boat....

We're All On the Boat!

I could not help but think of the movie Titanic yesterday as a THE best metaphor for the current state of politics in the US. The boat (America) is slowly sinking into dark cold waters with half baked, fiscally unsound strategies, dangerous policies, wasted resources, a "lard ass press" that doesn't investigate squat...Oh Yeah the orchestra keeps on playing like nothing is happening and everything will be fine.

Well I thought a metaphor was fitting as a picture is worth a 1000 words and a metaphor is worth 1000 pictures...or so I've heard tell.

Meanwhile, some of us are running around down below (like Leo in the movie) as the holds fill with water, trying to get out of the "poor people" section of the boat. Maybe we can get to the part of the boat that is still above water. With rising national debt, an EPA that is OFF TASK and a quagmire abroad, our leaders are now putting bills before the House and Senate about the wording in the Pledge of Allegiance. Such OFF TASK behavior by our elected officials is near criminal as the boat gets lower and lower in the water.

Any normal Joe knows these guys are off task “BIG TIME”[1]

Of course unlike the movie, there are no lifeboats the rich passengers can commandeer. We all breathe air, drink water and the like and all have this "mortality" thing going on. Our leaders keep pushing the big chest of money to the part of the boat that is above the water line.

Of course continually drilling holes in the boat doesn't help at all even if you plug a few now and again.

The final metaphor is this: "Sometimes the captain can accidentally steer the boat and hit an ice berg and people will forgive it even if it is very tragic. If he does it twice, three times, the passengers (citizens) become less and less forgiving."

Who in their right mind would drill holes in their own boat anyway?

Don't Sink the Boat....Like it or not….Your on the Boat!!!


1) The Vice Presidents response to the President when the microphone was left on and the leader of the free world call a journalist “potty” names when he thought no one was listening.

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Welcome to ONTASK

This Blog will consist of observations in a 7x24 information world. My gut says that many in the world are manipulated and disinformed for many reasons. Yes, I like many take the lazy road now and again. Everyday we wake up and begin again.

Question 1: What is the most important thing you know you should be doing now?

Question 2: Are you ON TASK?

BLOG basics:

1. Parenting/Education: They say you get "cooked by degrees!" Parents raising smart kids. Sifting through the rubbish shoved at us about parenting, education, process and the disinformation.

2. Health: If you don't have it you can't do much. Many social constructs undermine the health of people, families, communities and nations.

3. Politics: In my experience, the parenting issue is directly related to the politics at home and around the world. We humans are sophisticated as a species yet barely civilized as demonstrated by the current state of militarism in the US and around the world. Isn't it amazing how politics and many politicians are completely "OFF TASK" when it comes to running a civilized society?

So maybe it is time to quit screwing around and get ON TASK and follow through on a few things for an extend period of time that you know are really important and maybe, just maybe will make this world a better place to live.